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Massachusetts medical marijuana doctors and health care providers may have a reluctance to certify medical marijuana for their patients, even if they truly believe those patients might benefit from its use, particularly if patients tell their doctors that marijuana helps with appetite and pain suppression.  This might be even more dramatic for the sickest of patients who are on daily dosages of heavy narcotics that are addictive and have other harmful side effects.  Patients undergoing chemotherapy have frequently reported that the use of medical marijuana helps their symptoms.

Mass marijuana compliance attorneys have a background in California medical marijuana law, where physicians occasionally ran afoul of the law due to the fact that they were not state law compliant.  Mass medical marijuana compliance lawyers understand the importance of maintaining one’s professional license.  Physicians who wish their patients to benefit from the proven medicinal value of medical cannabis while retaining their professional licensure should contact a Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney to review the current law, and assist in drafting certifications for their patients’ use of medical marijuana. We will discuss this sample certification for use with your patients that is compliant with Massachusetts law.

If you are a patient seeking a Mass medical marijuana doctor to certify your use of medical marijuana try looking through the listings at or check this great community of caregivers with resources for everyone interested in medical marijuana in Massachusetts.


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