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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Defense for Patients, Caregivers, Growers and Providers

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Valerio Romano of VGR Law Firm has handled medical marijuana defense cases in California for years.  He has handled state and federal court jury trials.  On one case Valerio had over 30,000 marijuana plants suppressed due to a Fourth Amendment violation.  Valerio can frequently beat a case by presenting your affirmative medical marijuana defense.  He has successfully defended clients in Massachusetts since the enactment of the Medical Marijuana Program in January of 2013.  Mr. Romano knows all of the issues in a medical marijuana case.

Acquittals and Dismissals

Some such issues are:

  • Fourth Amendment Issues: Was a Search Warrant Obtained?
  • If a Warrant was Obtained: Was the Magistrate Informed of Your Status as a Medical Marijuana Patient?
  • Medicine Amounts: Is a Basis for the Arrest an Allegation that Your Amounts Exceeded What is Required for Medicine?
  • Cultivation: Does your Grow Conform to the Medical Marijuana Regulations?
  • Probation Violations: Does your Probation Officer Allege that you Violated Probation Given Your Status as a Patient?
  • Validity of Certification: Does Law Enforcement Claim Your Certification is Invalid?

This list is not exhaustive.  Given the wealth of knowledge that Valerio brought from California to VGR Law Firm in Massachusetts, Valerio can help you with you medical marijuana defense.  Contact him for an appointment.

Some of Valerio’s successes in Massachusetts are as follows:

  • In Commonwealth v. Keith K. out of Haverhill District Court, a cultivation case, Valerio convinced the magistrate clerk not to issue a complaint based on the medical marijuana affirmative defense.
  • In Commonwealth v. John D. out of Wrentham District Court, another cultivation case, the prosecution offered a 3 month pretrial probation deal to a valid medical marijuana patient.  This wasn’t good enough for Valerio, and eventually Valerio convinced the Court to dismiss the case outright based on the Defendant’s status as a qualified medical marijuana patient.
  • In Commonwealth v. John B. out of Chelsea District Court probation wanted to violate the Defendant based on testing positive for marijuana use while on probation.  They sought to lock up the Defendant for 18 months.  Valerio convinced probation, the district attorney and the Court to amend the terms of the Defendant’s probation.  The violation was dismissed and the probationer can now use medical marijuana despite the fact that he is on probation.

If you are being charged with a crime based on your status as a medical marijuana patient, contact Valerio at the VGR Law Firm for medical marijuana criminal defense representation with a proven track record.

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