Federal Marijuana Law – Controlled Substances Act (CSA)

federal marijuana law graphicProhibited Acts and Penalties under the Federal Marijuana Law

Click here for a link to the text of the Controlled Substances Act, the federal marijuana law, as it pertains to prohibited acts and penalties for marijuana and other controlled substances at the website for the Office of the Law Revision Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives

Then when you are done reading the law that is linked above, contact your congressional representative and ask that they reschedule marijuana, as the beneficial medical effects are clear.  Federal marijuana law is nothing more than an obsolete ploy by the major prescription drug companies to dispense with their all natural, non habit-forming competitor.

Ironically the Massachusetts Medical Society, who opposed Massachusetts medical marijuana, is urging to have the drug rescheduled, so that adequate testing can be done to verify its efficacy.

The Massachusetts Medical Society provided the following statements from Richard Aghababian, M.D., president of the Society, in response to the passage of ballot question 3, medical marijuana:

“Despite the vote, the Massachusetts Medical Society continues to assert that marijuana has not been proven to be medicine. It has not been subjected to the same rigorous testing and trials as other drugs approved by the Federal Drug Administration and used every day in practice by physicians.

“We have asked the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana so that research and clinical trials can determine whether or not it has medical value. Until its effectiveness is proven clinically and accepted by the FDA, we urge physicians to refrain from recommending it to their patients.

“Above all, the prescribing of drugs by a physician should be based on clinical and medical evidence, not by popular vote. Further, we will closely monitor the impact of this law and will not hesitate to recommend changes if necessary.”

(Note the MMS has since changed their position.  See this Blog Post about their amended position.)

So even some of those that do not currently support Massachusetts medical marijuana nonetheless endorse a change in federal marijuana law, so that researchers can discern for themselves what medical benefits exist in medical marijuana.

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