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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Compliance for Dispensaries, Patients, Health Care Professionals, and Personal Caregivers

Choose one of the following links that best describes you, and make an appointment with a Massachusetts medical marijuana lawyer today:

No matter which of these describes you, hiring a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Attorney will allow you to achieve your goals.

All of our documents and advice ARE Massachusetts specific. Massachusetts Marijuana Compliance was started by a criminal defense and business litigation attorney who helped dispensaries, patients and caregivers in California comply with the California medical marijuana law, and now lives in Massachusetts and seeks to do the same for the residents of Massachusetts. Massachusetts medical marijuana lawyers are dedicated to informing patients, caregivers, Registered Marijuana Dispensaries (RMDs), and physicians about how to become and remain compliant with Massachusetts medical marijuana law. Contact a Massachusetts medical marijuana compliance attorney for a confidential consultation to learn how you can be certain that you do not run afoul of Massachusetts law enforcement by virtue of your use, provision or recommendation of Massachusetts Medical Marijuana. This is not a form site trying to peddle you generic nonsense from other states, but a site dedicated to getting the people of Massachusetts compliant with the new medical marijuana laws in our state. The Department of Public Health is promulgating specific rules for the operation of dispensaries throughout the state. Compliance attorneys are following those developments closely. After a consultation with a Mass medical marijuana compliance attorney, a patient will be comfortable with the knowledge that they are safe from prosecution from Massachusetts law enforcement with their sixty day supply of medicine. Caregivers and hopeful medical marijuana dispensary operators will be able to operate without fear of Massachusetts law enforcement seizing their assets and placing them under arrest. Physicians will be confident that they are following medical marijuana law when certifying the use of medical marijuana to for patients. Patient and Caregiver growers will submit the proper applications to the DPH for a hardship cultivation registration.

Contact a licensed Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney today with any of your questions or concerns and to set up a confidential consultation.

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