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Congratulations!  You’ve made it to the provisional permitting stage of the application process. One of the most complicated and challenging aspects of operating a dispensary is navigating state regulations (105 CMR 725 et seq.) to maintain compliance and keep the license in good standing.  Over the coming years the courts in Massachusetts will also impact the operation of dispensaries.

These regulations overseen by the state Department of Public Health (DPH) are considered the most stringent and complicated in the nation. Attorney Valerio Romano, licensed in Massachusetts and California, is considered an expert in Massachusetts medical marijuana law and is frequently quoted in the media interpreting the law.

Attorney Romano has been on the ground floor of the medical marijuana program in the Commonwealth having worked with patients, caregivers and dispensary applicants from day one.  His applicants received four of the permits that were awarded.   He has the expertise to make sure your dispensary stays in compliance with DPH regulations.

Attorney Romano also provided testimony and has developed excellent working relationships with the regulators since passage of the law.

 VGR Law Firm Dispensary and Compliance Services

Monitor all local, state and federal regulations, statutes and court cases that may impact your dispensary and license to operate.

Municipal Compliance: RMD’s will need to operate through the maze of local zoning and permitting regulations including site review.  Attorney Romano has been working with local officials for clients in many cities and towns throughout the application process and already has solid working relationships in place at the local level.  This is imperative to assuring that your RMD is in compliance.

Criminal Defense: Despite the Cole Memo, operating a medical marijuana dispensary is still against federal law.  Having a compliance attorney under contract sends the right message; your RMD is operating within all local and state regulations.  Mr. Romano has gained tremendous respect from law enforcement in Massachusetts having won numerous cases for patients and growers.  He will respond to all inquiries from local, state and federal law enforcement as well as provide on call criminal defense services for all members of the dispensary including board, executive and employees (known as agents) should they be needed.

Contractor Vetting: Throughout the application process, Attorney Romano has researched dozens of ancillary businesses needed to operate an RMD from banking to construction.  He’s already established good relationships with reputable vendors in this brand new dynamic industry.  He knows the players and can negotiate a fair and equitable contract.

Ongoing Relationship: Valerio Romano has the passion and experience to assure that your RMD not only keeps the license to operate in good standing but develops a reputation as one of the best dispensaries in the country that patients will want to partner with.

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