Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Caregivers

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Caregivers

If you want to become a Massachusetts Caregiver, check out the resources on the Department of Public Health website.

You do not need a lawyer to become a Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Caregiver.  Read the final regulations on the medical use of marijuana.  Read the medical marijuana statute.  Read the medical marijuana FAQ.  Call the DPH Hotline at (617) 624-5062.

If you still have questions, contact a Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney today to become marijuana caregiver and provide cannabis to Massachusetts patients.  We respond to emails better than phone calls, so please try to contact us that way first.

What is a marijuana caregiver?  A caregiver is an adult over the age of 21 who assists a medical marijuana patient in obtaining and administering their medical marijuana.  A caregiver may grow marijuana for the patient that designates them, or they may purchase it at dispensaries (when dispensaries eventually open up).  If a caregiver wishes to grow, they need to apply for a hardship cultivation registration.  A caregiver can transport the marijuana to their patient.  A caregiver can process the marijuana into foods and other substances that contain marijuana in order to provide it to their patient.

Massachusetts medical marijuana law specifically authorizes marijuana caregivers to assist in the provision of medical marijuana to Massachusetts medical card holders/patients.  Read the text of Mass Ballot Question 3 here and see for yourself.  The rules have changed since the release of the final regulations.  Caregivers may only assist with one patient, except for very limited other circumstances.  Caregivers may not make money from the patient.

The law specifically authorizes personal caregivers, and states unequivocally that they shall be immune from prosecution under state law.  A caregiver needs to be designated by a patient with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and obtain a medical marijuana card from the DPH.  A caregiver may not consume the medical marijuana that is for the patient themselves.

Nothing in the Massachusetts law authorizes marijuana under federal law.  In fact, as the reader is probably aware, any amount of medical marijuana is illegal under federal law.  While the Executive office has made clear that they are not interested in prosecuting those that are lawfully participating in states’ medical marijuana programs, it sadly happens on occasion.

If you would like the assistance of a medical marijuana lawyer to become a Massachusetts marijuana caregiver, contact a licensed Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney today and become 100% compliant with state law.

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