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grow medical marijuana in massachusetts imageGrow Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts – Hardship Cultivation Registration

Do you want to grow medical marijuana in Massachusetts for yourself or a qualified patient?  You do not need a lawyer to do your hardship cultivation registration.  Read the final regulations on the medical use of marijuana.  Read the medical marijuana statute.  Read the medical marijuana FAQ.  Call the DPH Hotline at (617) 624-5062.

Still need help?  Contact a Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney to draft and present the requisite paperwork to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health so that you can grow medical marijuana in Massachusetts, pursuant to a hardship cultivation registration.

Massachusetts voters recently enacted legislation allowing patients to cultivate their own cannabis to be used for medical purposes upon showing proof of hardship.  A hardship can be the unavailability of dispensaries near you, or a verified financial hardship.  Until dispensaries open, sometime in the middle of 2014, everyone with a certification qualifies for a hardship cultivation registration.  But as of May 24th, 2013, you need to submit the requisite application to the DPH.

The drafters of the ballot measure were aware of the benefits of medical marijuana.  It is critical to be aware of the requirements of Massachusetts medical marijuana law, to be certain that you are legally cultivating medicine, rather than committing a felony.  You can grow as a patient, or as a caregiver for others. You are authorized to grow and possess marijuana that is sufficient for a 60 day supply.  The Department of Public Health has announced that this 10 ounces unless a certifying physician specifies more.  There are currently no specific plant numbers.

The more Massachusetts medical marijuana dispensaries that are licensed, the more difficult it will be for you to show the hardship required for you to grow medical marijuana for yourself, as one of the obstacles for permission to cultivate is proximity to a licensed treatment center.  Contact a Massachusetts medical marijuana compliance attorney to draft and submit the requisite documentation to the Department of Public Health.

Here is a link to the final regulations from the DPH on the medical marijuana program:  Final Regulations.

Massachusetts medical marijuana attorneys can help you get your medical marijuana card, become a caregiver for others, and be legal when you grow medical marijuana in Massachusetts.

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