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Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Attorney Valerio Romano (admitted in California, Massachusetts and various Federal Courts) is the founder of Massachusetts Marijuana Compliance, a part of the VGR Law Firm.  Valerio has an extensive background defending medical marijuana patients in state and federal court. Valerio was taught by the best, the thoughtful defenders of human rights at Pier 5 Law Offices in San Francisco. Notably, J. Tony Serra was an early influence on Valerio.

From the day Valerio was sworn in to the California bar in 2006, Valerio has been in the courtroom, defending those accused of almost every conceivable crime, from computer hacking to murder. One of the first things a criminal defense attorney learns is: always test the evidence. As co-counsel obtaining an acquittal in a double murder trial in Sonoma County, Valerio saw first-hand how prosecutors will do anything to obtain a conviction. In that case prosecutors literally falsified forensic evidence tying the innocent defendant to the crime scene.

Drug prosecutions are no different. Valerio successfully defended dozens of medical marijuana patients in state court, where police simply refused to abide by the law and arrested legitimate patients, despite the fact that those patients presented evidence of their medical marijuana patient status.  In federal court things rarely go as well. Valerio has handled jury trials for those accused of cultivating up to 5,000 plants. Fortunately for the accused, law enforcement frequently makes mistakes.  In one pretrial motion Valerio had over 30,000 plants excluded due to Fourth Amendment violations by law enforcement.

In addition to criminal defense, Valerio has handled real property disputes and business litigation in California.  The knowledge from handling these cases, combined with his expertise in medical marijuana, gives Valerio the perfect skill-set to assist the hopeful dispensary owner through the application process.

Valerio moved to Massachusetts in 2011, and the following year Massachusetts voters passed Question 3, legalizing medical marijuana in the Commonwealth. Valerio learned Massachusetts medical marijuana law, and studied the law of other New England states. He continues to follow developments in the law closely. Armed with his extensive experience in California, Valerio is the best choice for anyone seeking to participate in the medical marijuana program in the Commonwealth. Contact Massachusetts medical marijuana attorney Valerio for a low-cost consultation if you have questions about becoming a patient, caregiver or wish to apply for one of the 35 Treatment Center (dispensary) permits that will be issued by the Department of Public Health.

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