Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Cards

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Medical Marijuana Lawyers are Available to Help Patients Obtain Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Cards

Massachusetts medical marijuana patients: drug-related charges can have long-lasting effects on one’s ability to obtain employment and pass background checks. As a law-abiding patient with a medical marijuana card, you will no longer have those concerns.

You do not need a lawyer to get your medical marijuana card.  If you have any questions about obtaining a medical marijuana card, we encourage you to read the Commonwealth’s medical marijuana statutes (Chapter 369 of the Acts of 2012 and H.3818), the Department of Public Health’s final regulations on the medical use of marijuana and medical marijuana FAQ, or to call the DPH Hotline at (617) 624-5062.

Still confused or want help? ContactMassachusetts medical marijuana compliance attorney for your appointment as soon as possible to avoid unwanted drug conviction effects on your record. Please e-mail us before calling.

In a consultation with a Massachusetts medical marijuana compliance attorney, you will be able to:

1. Discuss any aspects of the law that are unclear to you, so that you understand both state and federal marijuana law;

2. Discuss and determine your needs as far as amounts and methods of consuming the medical marijuana. For example, if you prefer to eat your medical cannabis in baked goods, or consume it in some way other than smoking it, the amounts you may be entitled to possess could be higher than if you are solely smoking it;

3. Discuss your “debilitating medical condition” as required under the law, so that you will be able to explain your ailment to your physician in such a way that your physician is more likely to certify your use of medical marijuana;

4. Receive a recommendation to a physician who can prescribe medical marijuana, in the event that you do not already have one;

5. Determine if you would like to grow your own cannabis, and decide whether you are likely to meet the requisite “hardship” to successfully obtain a “Hardship Cultivation Registration” with the Department of Health;

6. Prepare your application to obtain a Massachusetts medical marijuana card with your marijuana compliance attorney, allowing you to consume your medical cannabis without fear of being hassled by law enforcement;

7. Discuss the secure and confidential maintenance of your paperwork and files so that, if you are arrested without them or lose them, our Massachusetts medical marijuana compliance attorneys will be able to provide you and the court with proof of compliance to show that you are abiding by Massachusetts marijuana law;

8. Finally, you will leave Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Compliance offices feeling confident that, no matter what happens, you now have a relationship with an experienced medical marijuana expert attorney who is there for you under any circumstances.

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